I couldn’t possibly depict all of the images that flashed in my mind when I penned the lyrics“Things that hurt to remember. Things too good to be true. Your love blazed like an ember. Saw me through. I remember You.” The “y” in You is capital. I’m talking about Jesus. When I look back over my life, I realize now that God NEVER left me even though I attempted to leave Him. All I knew of Him was what I’d heard & what “His people” showed me. I honestly felt I’d be better off, minus the criticism and cross examination about my musical taste and style which, in large part, was why I “hit the road Jack!” Truth be told, I was finished with the “tradition” and rigidity that was being represented as “church.”

But while I was out there “doing my thang” (lol), I noticed an emptiness deep within my soul that money, nor success could satisfy. I knew I needed something (See “Beautiful” – Time To Say CD, track 3)– but what? I was sure it couldn’t be RELIGION because I had tried that. I was relieved to learn that I was right. It was NOT RELIGION I was yearning for, it was RELATIONSHIP.

Jesus loved me back into His arms (See “Time To Say” – track 7) and showed me that RELATIONSHIP (with Him) was WAAAAY more DELICIOUS and fulfilling than RELIGION!

I’m so grateful that God has allowed me to make a musical “print” of my life’s experiences. I’m humbled by the hits I’m getting on Facebook & Twitter from people all over the US & the UK who’ve heard the single “I Remember” on a gospel or jazz station local to their area or online. My new video “I Remember” pictorializes some of the events that stand out when I recall God’s faithfulness to me. Through a teen pregnancy, some unbelievable career opportunities, a failed marriage, international television appearances, domestic violence, a divorce, an amazing “new” husband, the loss of both parents and the gift of watching all three of my sons graduate college, I was, at times, too immersed in pain or bliss to notice where my strength was coming from.  Then, one day, just a few years ago, I had an epiphany. I replayed the scenes from my life on the screen of my mind. I realized that it was God all the time. And I’m just so grateful that he let me sing it for the world to hear. “I Remember You!”



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September 13, 2013 @01:22 am
Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet arceilt. Lol thanks Fati
May 16, 2013 @01:13 pm
What an awesome dedicated witness for our King Jesus. It is a delight to know and be involved with and experience your ministry. I look forward to the beauty our God will continue to reveal to the world through your life throughout every corner of the globe. May the LORD God continue to bless every endeavor you have to do His will. May He ever keep you on fire for Him & completely in Love with Him as you live to Worship Him in all you say and do keeping Him and His will first in your heart. Its so special to have you in my life. To God be the Glory For Great Things He has Done. I love you PS… I cant wait to hear Brother Charles Dixon on and project with you Suzanna
May 16, 2013 @01:00 pm
Hey Sista Wincey, I was was so encouraged by seeing your wonderful Video. I remember all the years you came to the Young Fathers Program at the University of Medicine & Dentistry-Newark New Jersey and just Wowed and encouraged our young families. I am so proud of you. When I saw you again, I thought of Whitney Houston. You remind me of her. You have that Chrisma. Although you are you, but your message of salvation is needed to the world. Continue to shine the light so many musicians and fans are seeking truth and not finding. But, through your ministry the message of salvation rings clear. “The World is waiting for the manifestation of the Sons & daughters of God” God Bless you, i hope to musically accompany you one day. Bro. Charles Dixon Charles Dixon

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