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Congrats to Weha 88.1 spreading the gospel one song at a time. My singers (Shaun Saunders, Joanne Givens, Marquis Cook) and I had big fun at the 3rd anniversary dinner celebrating their time on the air and a
Stellar Nomination.

I'm Just Saying

He took one look at my shoes and shouted “I’ve found the weapons of mass destruction!” Recently I had the pleasure of taping the cable tv show “I’m Just Saying” with Pastor Dan Willis. The love and hospitality in the studio was bar none! 

Flip The Switch


This is such an exciting time for me! I’ve been traveling a lot to promote my solo release and I have to admit that hearing my CD “Time to Say” on the radio is humbling, thrilling and euphoric!

I Remember

Listen to "I Remember"

WinceycoMusic "Heartbeat"

Anyone who knows me knows I just spent the last six months preparing for an event that took about as much planning as a wedding! And I’d be less than honest if I said I enjoyed every minute of it. Truth be told, as much as I tried to enjoy the journey, there were many moments when all I wanted to hear was my own voice saying “We love you! God bless you! We’ll see you again soon! Goodnight!– which is how I end every show that I host.
Aside from a few small hiccups, the performance pretty much went off the way I saw it in my mind’s eyes last year when I made the decision to release

For Heaven's Sake, Why Are You Suffereing?

If you are a born again believer, the question is the answer. I was reading my daily devotion from “Streams in the Desert.” Today’s passage was a hard truth. Despite all the scriptures in the Bible that attempt to prepare us christians for the “harsh” reality of suffering and affliction that is part of the package of our christian walk, we still, very often find ourselves blindsided by the shock of trouble and hurt. 

Would He beat, rape, or murder me?


It was late and the night was still as I walked away from the car full of new and old friends,smiling and waving goodbye. I thought to myself what a great time we’d had. But before I could shift my thoughts to my front door where I was headed, a man jumped from the bushes with a baseball bat! My whole life flashed before me. Battery, rape, murder – – what would he do to me?



Don’t look for every ‘slip away’ experience to be identical. Just as you don’t always have to repeat the same sequence with your best friends, sometimes its a game, it may be the mall, or it could be dinner, true friends don’t need words, music or food to ensure a good time. The simplicity of your presence is fulfillment enough. Just BE there.




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