Picture  it; the room is perfectly decorated and filled with all the different  personalities and age groups that make up your guest list. Friends,  family members and coworkers of every age have gathered to celebrate  your affair.

There’s only one problem.


Second-rate entertainment is the number one party-killer!


You’ll find an explosive, high-energy band of the most talented musicians in  the Northeast region. Our experienced professionals have perfected the  art of entertainment while headlining at numerous private and public  industry parties, weddings and nightclubs. Our resume also includes  innumerable performances with famous entertainers whose names you and  your guests are sure to recognize.

Our  extensive repertoire spans decades of music from the classic 1940s, big  band, classic soul, funk, smooth R&B, traditional and contemporary  gospel and hip hop including todays chart toppers.

Whether you want a warm neo-soul atmosphere, elegantly garnished with creamy caramel ballads
a  unique twist of electrifying party favorites with call and response  songs that inspire festive line dances and audience participation
a blend of lounge sounds, gospel-jazz and warm soulful harmonies
A little bit of everything

WINCEYCO ENTERTAINMENT has what you’re looking for.


Winceyco Band

Winceyco is a New Jersey based entertainment group that provides entertainment  for weddings, receptions, private parties, corporate events and sorority  and fraternity affairs.

Testimonial letters from a list of satisfied clients proves that we give each affair special attention.

Our professional musicians have played with many famous performers and we are versed in every class of music.

This ensures that everyone at your affair has a great time!

Wedding Receptions

We use music to set the tone and create excitement from the moment your guests enter the ballroom!

From the first dance to the last, your wedding reception will be a night to remember.

Your friends will love singing along to our Music Trivia Game

"Guests are still raving about the great time they had!"

- W. Meyers Bride

Philadelphia, PA

Wedding Ceremonies

Start your life together with the matchless sounds of Winceyco! Our soloist and musicians keep current on the latest wedding songs and trends. We can help you select the perfect songs for your big day!

"Wincey puts her heart and soul into her music"

- Newark Star Ledger

We feature audience participation and  prize giveaways for music trivia. You can count on Winceyco to really  serenade your guests with everything from classics to today's most  popular music during dinner. And your guests will love winning at our  music trivia game.

We'll get your guests on the dance floor with their favorite songs!

Unique means better!

Any band can play music but not every singer can
ENTERTAIN your guests!

Other bands play what they want to  hear. Winceyco plays what you want to hear! Winceyco bands play and  teach your audience line dances such as the wobble, electric and cha cha  slides as well as the ever popular soul train and conga lines. 

Haven't we all been to enough average affairs?

The makings of an extraordinary event are just a phone call away!

Studies show that good food and great entertainment are the key elements to a successful affair!