The Winceyco method


Winceyco trains classroom teachers

in how to use the performing arts (music, drama, and  movement) as a vehicle to teach the core content, i.e., science, engineering, math and literacy

1) We streamline and  simplify basic music techniques such as steady beat, pitch, and tempo so  that the classroom teacher can master them quickly.

2) Next, we pair the  music technique with a developmentally appropriate curriculum goal such  as counting, addition, syllables, operations, methods, procedures,  number values, etc. 


3) We then design a  workshop experience to guide the classroom teacher through a series of  lessons that demonstrate how to present the curriculum and integrate the  art form so that they work in tandem to meet their specific content  goals and objectives.


Expose the students to a sensory science lesson. Bring the ocean to your classroom!

4) So that teachers  can leave the Winceyco workshop with confidence in their ability to  implement these strategies in their classrooms, we institute the gradual release of responsibility.  Our workshop structure not only allows teachers to view the arts  techniques, but they also participate in leading activities via guided  practice, and finally transition to independent application. 

This workshop segment instructs teachers in how to create an experiential lesson in prepositional words. 


Teachers have fun UNDER THE SEA


Teacher Testimonials

"I can have fun in the classroom"

"I give this workshop an A++!"

"The best workshop we've ever done"


Experience a Winceyco Professional Development workshop