"And if you don't have my FIRST CD "Time To Say" I am proud to offer you that, as well. In 2008, I began writing and recording this collection inspired songs. After traveling and singing with and for everyone else....After heartbreaks and disappointments in and out of the music industry...From wanting to die to grappling to live....Wading through both compliments and insults about my talent, taste, style and or lack thereof...Learning that this music that I love so much could be the very thing that makes me laugh til I cry and cry til I laugh again...Resigning myself to accept the consolation prize that I considered to be my life...But finally looking up, into and then through the eyes of divine purpose to see that it was all part of a process. It is that which waits for no man, yet cannot be rushed. It is now and not a moment before...IT IS TIME!"


"Time To Say" CD



"Bullying Is Wrong"  Book



"African Discovery Through Music" CD



"Soaking" CD



"Inventions" CD



"Black Wax" DVD



"God's FreqWincey" CD



"Character Rocks" Coloring Book & Music CD Set